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from costume Thyme
Saeru Though I have to admit, I look pretty *worried* about whatever I'm staring at off screen.

Must be that white smear on the wall.

What made it? Is it coming after me? Can I bite whatever it is that is coming after me?

Strangely, these pictures make me look really muscular--which is a total lie. I am completely out of shape, and I was ashamed at my body in this photoshoot filled with beautiful girls.

Er, well, obviously there aren't any beautiful girls in *this* photo, so keep scrolling to see them!
  • effembee Hahaha but you are SO cute. The Saga Frontier shoot was so much fun with you guys - we definitely need to plan another one if/when Yui finishes Ildon! 11 years ago
  • Avianna You're the best little brother a girl could have! 11 years ago