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from costume Clawdeen Wolf
ashe2kawaii So once again, i apologize for the lighting and terrible photo quality. Promise when i finish this costume i'll have better images to show the proper colors.

Welp! Slowly but surely this skirt is coming together. I'ma little worried it may be to long (the undernetting at least) cause i still have to add my waistband on. So after i sew that on, i'll try it on and see, if it is to long i'll trim the netting a little and then sew it back so that it looks proper and not all loose and crummy.

I'm so excited to be doing this cosplay (>w<)

P.s- The shoes and socks in this image are not what i'll be using. Just hate taking pitures of my bare legs ahahahaha so that's why i used them. (@[email protected])
  • rchcc122 This looks SO fabulous so far! I totally can't WAIT to see the rest of it. Monster High is AWESOME and the cosplays are difficult! You're doing so awesome! 9 years ago
  • LinkPwnsGanon yay progress work for Clawdeen! c: 9 years ago