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from costume Rei Miyamoto
ashe2kawaii So! The top that Foxii Kushida (Foxii Cosplay) sold to me arrived a couple days ago.X3 It fit very well, except all I need to do now is just modify the sleeves a little to fit my super long arms and we're set! She was very patient with my paranoia, and kind. Thank you very much girly!

Also I finished the skirt, I am satisfied that Ididn't completely destroy it, and that it looks nice. Yet at the same time mad that I flubbed up a little when it came to the back and sewing the zipper. But practice makes perfect
  • LinkPwnsGanon Dem pleats are amazing!!! ^_^ 8 years ago
  • Naudae Pretty! This uniform looks great! And you look fantastic in it! Great work! 9 years ago