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AnimefestChii I was so excited to get to make this costume, and just in time for Halloween!

It's based off this reference picture

Also please note that the tail is not crooked I just pushed it to the side in the frontal photo to show it at that angle :)

Tail, hat, capelet, dress, bloomers and petticoat
  • SeekingElegance Oh was this for someone going to Youmacon? I'm pretty sure it was, the Skitty I saw there's costume looked just like this. She was so adorable I squeeled over her costume a few times! 13 years ago
  • Dust Bunny aww adorable! I love that picture, you did a great job making it. 13 years ago
  • yuniiita its so pretty >O<, i really like it, nice work 13 years ago