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SailorGaia …Cuz you'll get a emo Uni-human, your magician will be made to juggle teacups (with tea in them), and you'll be stuck listening to the adolescent whining of a love-struck Prince.

This is my sister's & I in our Last Unicorn group, as photographed by Elemental at ACen 2009. The idea for this started probably last ACen and we mused about doing such a group, but like all such plans, it kinda got blown over in place of others. Then Avianna started building a Mommy Fortuna costume and we all got super excited about it. It totally made us all want to do these costumes once again and before we knew it, we all had a huge group in the works.

I had such a wonderful time at Elemental's photoshoot of these characters. To quote the illustrious Hannibal, "I love it when a plan comes together."

Construction notes for interested parties:

I made all of these costumes, save the bag, hat, & tights for Schemendrick which I had Sailor Senmurv make to speed things up. It was a joy constructing these, making up patterns as I went. Almalthea was actually the very easiest, believe it or not. There wasn't much to figuring out her dress while Molly, who I am cosplaying, has at least three petticoats. The hardest of all, needless to say, was Schmendrick with is 11 different shades of the color blue. I actually had to order all of his fabric from because my local JoAnne's did not carry the variety of fabric choices nor the array of colors that I needed. It was a tedious process of holding the picture up and against the online swatch and seeing if it matched properly. UGH! Probably because of that, he's my favorite. His coat is all linen & is fully lined. The rest of the outfit is made out of stretch velvets and stretch cotton. Fun times.

Molly has a polyester suiting for her bodice and a wool skirt. I also opted for a grey suiting material for one of her petticoats and reused a child's hoop (hoops removed) for the final petticoat as it had been hanging around in our Civil War stuff being unused far too long.

Amalthea is made of beautiful violet polyester shantung, matte side up because it literally sparkles silver. The trim was PERFECT; I found it at our local Hancock's as a last resort before searching online. It was actually a remnant. Lucky me.
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