Yueri's image
from costume Serafina
Yueri XD

Although I have been told its really easy to miss.

Im happy (still) with this set, even if it has turned out to be one of my most loved projects that has been 'ignored' the most. I guess its just the obscure character and how its easy to mistake it for something I just threw on...

But Im content on cosplaying only what I like.
Only what I know.
And only what I enjoy making.

  • Gryphus Esta foto es preciosa. se me quedara en la mente un buen rato *o* 14 years ago
  • kalifa_neumans enserio te ves bien imponente!!! me agradan los trabajos con vinyl!!! *-*... enserio muyyyy excelente el cos!! ^-^ 14 years ago
  • Terranell *_* OH MY GOSH YOU LOOK SOOOO COOL!!! I love the black and white scheme, your makeup looks great! 15 years ago
  • negativedreamer great shot, the color, setting composition and cosplayer are all perfect! 15 years ago
  • LadyJade Beautiful! Those shoes are awesome, btw. 15 years ago
  • eagle69 You are so sexy and beautiful thos people must be blind to miss someone like you. :) 15 years ago
  • Jangular the contrast between the other components in the photo really make your costume pop, looks nice :) 15 years ago
  • FantasyNinja ^^ que linda! 15 years ago