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from costume Princess Kraehe / Rue
NiGHTmaren I really want to thank Alan (Nicolai Andrews) for the amazing photos he got of Kraehe! This costume was months of hard work and is still not quite done. I will be adding more ruffles to the tutu to make it a bit 'thicker' around the edge. I did very extreme dagging to the netting, hence the very wispy edges. Entire costume was made from scratch, right down to the tutu panties. I did research on the construction of classical tutus to create this piece. The tutu is nine rows (will be 10) of hand pleated netting. Since I made it performance grade, the rows are hand-tacked with buttoncraft thread and hooped on the seventh row. The tacks are very tight, much like the Russian style of a very flat, pancaked classical tutu. Bodice and basque are made out of bengaline fabric and lined in coutil - the bodice is boned in the front and side but not in the back, just like a real dancer's bodice. The front has a nude insert and I added straps for accuracy to the ballet rather than the actual artwork of Kraehe's Odile costume. The costume is all one piece - the panties, basque, and bodice all attach in the back with hooks and eyes. There are tons of beads throughout the costume, too - I plan on adding more, haha. It's one of the fun things about making a stage costume. The crown is made from a sturdy wire base, with handstrung rosemontee crystals added on. The feathers are rooster feathers and clip into the wig. There are sequins on the feathers but you can't see them. I went with the green glitter tulle for the plate because it reminded me of the iridescence of a crow's feathers. The center front overlay of the bodice also has this same tulle, it creates a rather nice effect over the black. Also, the shoes are demi pointe shoes. They lack the shank on the bottom that real pointe shoes have that help a dancer go up on her toes into pointe stance. They are also more comfy and have a softer box. As a non-dancer who wished to cosplay from this series, and to respect real ballet dancers, I went with the demi pointes. They look just as nice, too, minus the dangers. I actually had no problems walking around in these for ten hours, though I also made sure to break them in before the convention and use common sense (and gel pads in the box area!).

If you have any questions on this costume please do not be afraid to ask. The tutu especially has a lot of detailed construction, and had to be pleated and sewn in a certain way to achieve that plated look.
  • ARIADecember you look so beautiful 11 years ago
  • Hina-san You're so beautiful! The craftsmanship is top notch! I love it. 11 years ago
  • Aleera I hope I get the opportunity to see this costume in person in the future, with even more embellishments. I am very impressed with the construction techniques, especially the tutu. 11 years ago
  • leahhime Your costume is amazing; it was so awesome to see it in person. I notied all the bead work and it was gorgeous! I saw on the AWA forum you are planning to add more embellishments and I can't wait to see what you do!!! 11 years ago
  • ASTRIDAOL awww so cute! 11 years ago
  • Ranma 1-2 Soooo pretty. A wonderfull costume, well done. :) 11 years ago
  • Angathol It was really interesting watching you work steadily on this immense project and read about all the techniques you used. The amount of effort and careful craftsmanship you put into this costume certainly shows! 11 years ago