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Bahzi *Note, I do NOT take commissions for these anymore, thanks for understanding!*

Yet another Pokehoodie, this one for a friend for Christmas. The tails, tummy, and sleeve cuffs are satin stitched and the eyes are machine embroidered.
  • Shappi This is just so amazing! I wish you could take commishions again v_v' 12 years ago
  • LuluHime Hey there, I was wondering how you make your hoodies, I have been very curious on to what material is used and patters or the way the eyes and stuff are xD but I looooooove your hoodies!~ x3 12 years ago
  • Chaye That is soooo cute! I love Vulpix >. 12 years ago
  • HezaChan kyoot~ 12 years ago