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from costume Marisa Kirisame
Angathol pew pew!

My hat tends to cast unfortunate shadows on my face; with the help of a reflector, I look less like a cave dweller in these photos, lol.

Photo by Stillvisions, taken at the Toronto Cosplay Picnic. Costume made by me, with some assistance from Sion, Merino and Azureii.
  • Vamp-Elanor You look splendid ^_^ I just want to say it: you're a very good cosplayer and you inspire me a lot. You must get that a lot, but your Fai is something utterly incredible too. =] Last but not least, just out of curiosity, when will you cosplay as a character from Ace Attorney? I just love those games so much, I'm sure you'd go great justice (OHOHO pun!) to any character you'd choose. 12 years ago