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Truest_Strike Dragon*Con 2010

Thanks to GLGreenArrowFl for the photo.
Great Joker and Batman.
  • crazycomicgurl That batman is amazing... O.o GREAT Red Hood costume! 11 years ago
  • Maniactoast Friggin sick man! I remember this scene in the movie XD 11 years ago
  • in2cosplay good reenactment... nolan's joker is pretty close to Lee Bermejo's joker. 11 years ago
  • SushiKai shame its got the nolan joker in it, rather than a classic. but it's a good shot. 11 years ago
  • AdamBomb7 Batman is like "NO, DON'T! You'll get blood all over my costume" 11 years ago
  • Alyceingotham how did you do the hood? i am planning on doing a female redhood and i am lost on it TT.TT 12 years ago
  • lutea oh wow nice. 12 years ago
  • LA_Graverobber I'm pretty sure I know that Batman lol. Awesome scene though. 12 years ago
  • Lucifer Haha that's awesome! My fiancee' (the Joker) told me about this photo. Brilliant! 12 years ago
  • BlitzFox All kinds of awesome! :D 12 years ago
  • drakeprimeone Love it! I just watched Under the Red Hood earlier. Great scene! 12 years ago
  • nakichu amazing group! also love the Red Hood. 12 years ago
  • VodkaLeRae This picture is SUCH win! I love you guuuuuuuuuys! 12 years ago
  • Ten-sama cool O_O 12 years ago