Hasu's image
Hasu Okay, so....I look like I'm spacing out, and I was in fact thinking about my pained feet when this picture was taken, not my facial expression. I believe it shows.

Photo by Asian School Boy. Thanks a lot. =)

Anyway....I'm glad that my braids were behaving in this picture. And the lighting makes my dress color look a lot darker....but I like it. It amazes me how many shades that silk can look.
  • Doctor Blind You're amazing! That dress is absolutely gorgeous. ^^ Did you hand-dye those roses? I had to get some blue roses for a costume a while ago, and I had to dye them.. @[email protected] 15 years ago
  • Psyposer Carolinee~~ *____* i'm in love with Paradise Kiss by now~~ i'm wondering about cosplay as George~ you look trully awesome as Yukari! ^^ 15 years ago
  • Pencil Wow! You did and AMAZING job on this!! You make a great Yukari :D 15 years ago