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from costume Chibiusa [teen]
Tenjou and now back to Chibiusa XD whee!
luckily, i have a swingset in my backyard, but it's going to be ripped down soon since it's so old and rusty :[ i would've tried to recreate the scene in the manga where she's looking up at the sky while sitting on the swing, but the swings i had are long since gone and would've been extremely dirty anyhow. maybe i could do another photoshoot at a regular playground XD
  • ..aika.. *.* kawaiii you are the best chibiusa 15 years ago
  • mercure how cute^^ ~♥ 16 years ago
  • TiffanyFairest You make such a great Chibiusa! :D 16 years ago
  • Kya cute!!! 16 years ago
  • xKasumix So sweet Chibi-Usa!! I love it! *O* 16 years ago
  • SaChan This is so adorable! I love that you made this version of Chibi Usa. Great job! 16 years ago
  • UsagiNoSenshi ^^ you're so cute! 16 years ago