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from costume Riku
Fenixx The one costume that gave me SO much headaches, backaches and heartaches... Even if Riku's costume may look simple, it's actually pretty difficult in some areas.

Many, MANY thanks, ice cream and cookies goes out to Jac'Kee, Raincloud, Kazeki and FI for helping me out with various things (*especially* Road to Dawn) and for preventing me from giving up on this totally.

[Photo by DMJewelle]
  • Mikazuki Akane You make an awesome Riku! 15 years ago
  • Jac'Kee Hahaa lookies I'm commenting 8D No probs about the help with Dawny chan. Now if only we can figure out how to make it less flimsy X_X Nice costume and pose though 8D 15 years ago
  • Amberle HOTNESS. :D 15 years ago
  • DMJewelle The SWORD. It PWNS. 15 years ago
  • Kazeki HAY THAR BISHIE 15 years ago
  • Astellecia Rikuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !! *big hugs* you so totally rawked at CF XD 15 years ago