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from costume Orochimaru
Miya~Kome Just have to tweak a few things here and there, but other than that it's done~
  • Akira Reborn One of the best Oro Cosplays out there 15 years ago
  • Ju-san Nice cosplay of Orochimaru ^^. 15 years ago
  • mlarad you make such an awesome orochimaru!! I which I could have a shot with you in my tsunade costume!! XD 15 years ago
  • Tenshinoitami1 =OOOOOOOO SO COOL 16 years ago
  • strawberrykitte What a wonderful Orochimaru! Awesome! 16 years ago
  • Ahza_miracle WWAAAAAA....SUGOOOIII!!!!*____________________________* 16 years ago