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evil_neko ...fit me perfectly, as if they were made for me?" Oh, Yukari. Your inner turmoil = <33.

Ahhh, this picture was soooo hard to set up XD; The flower was waaaay up high on the tree and I had to jump to grab it and pull it down without pulling any of the flowers off the bunch @.@;;; I think it served its purpose, though ^.^

Oh, and the necklace isn't part of the real costume, but the bow that I tied the ribbon in managed to get into a double-knot somehow, and since we were fighting for time/daylight anyway, I said just screw it and wore it instead of the one I usually wear with the costume.

The wig's a little silly (and so's my eyebrow, wtf? o.O;;; ), but altogether I really like this picture :D
  • neoangelwink pretty^_^ 15 years ago
  • evil_neko Hehe, thak you both! :D 17 years ago
  • Admiral_Cecil Good job in putting the picture together. The necklace suits your charcter. Your wig and eyebrow looks fine in the pic. And, you look very lovely too =^_^= 17 years ago