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from costume Clawdeen Wolf
ashe2kawaii soooooo, i didn't have a pattern for this, but thankfully i did have a tank top to use as the main base. Although i still need to buy the pink fabric for the ruffles at the neckline. (Wish me luck on that)X"D

I really want to buy some lining for this before i go any further, so it'll just be a little while before i start sewing.

Also, i realized i'll have to buy some apparel paint glitter, to give the effect her shirt does as well.

my main overall concern right now is that it seems like it sort of, sheers (or whatever the proper term is) basically what pantyhose do when they pull and etc. So if this doesn't go successful i'll jut pick up and keep on trying. (^u^)

Hoping to have this done by the summer
  • LinkPwnsGanon Ahhhh I'm so excited to see this done! x3 Good luck hun!!! ♥ 9 years ago