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Kayokou I wasnt going to post this, but i decided to anyways. XD
So, me and my friend did this to be silly and see what it'd look like, and well it really seems to look like we were caught doing something...we werent supposed to >.> *coughincestcough*
I dont know how many KadajXYazoo fans there is out there, but here you have it. :3
Yazoo: Yogore
Kadaj: Me
Picture taken by Tawnya
  • Kayokou yogore: Das rite ;D o.OkatomiO.o: :O MOTHER IS PROUD OF ME! We love you too emi <3! You'll be an amazing jenova. I can't wait to have my mummykins! 14 years ago
  • o.OkatomiO.o I love you two so much XD And I love this picture so much Great epicness from the two of you "You make me so proud T.T" - MOTHER 14 years ago
  • Vexation Aww, this photo really makes me miss my Yazoo... It's cute though. And it does look like you two were doing someting naughty. x33 14 years ago
  • Inu Kruger hello 15 years ago
  • Visual Doom i want to rape you two. i will be cosplaying as kadaj in october 15 years ago
  • yogore ;o oh bby 15 years ago
  • Kayokou XD thank you love! 15 years ago
  • RoxyDirKaoru *_* sekushii! *_* 15 years ago