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Aura Of Dreams They're only 1 gil. Unless you're a lecher of course..then there's special fees <.<. ^_^ heehee.

Taken at Animazement 2006 by a fellow user. <.<; I'll find their name and edit this.
  • green_with_Envy Thanks for the comment on Zidane and Kuja ^^ I really love this pic of you! The look on your face is so cute! 17 years ago
  • Alessa sure I do! 17 years ago
  • Raven_Eros Perfect Aeris....BEST Aeris ever!!!! 17 years ago
  • Pantastic I like this shot. ^^ 17 years ago
  • CelestialAurora aww! you're such a cute Aerith! ^^ i really like the jacket color that you picked out. it's the perfect color! 17 years ago
  • goddessofice1 You're so cute. And this picture is real pretty. I like the floor pattern too. It's all very nice. 17 years ago