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Saeru I really love how Elemental can convey an emotion in a scene without being completely blatant about it. ^.^ I also really like the reflections in the piano in this.

It was a ton of fun getting to shoot with Cora. ^.^ Now all we have to do is wait for the game to come out, and hopefully Ven and Aqua won't turn out to be and sister. x-x
  • 7th Heaven very nice composition ) I like it! 13 years ago
  • Yui Don't get your hopes up, though, that we'll ever find out much about them, even when the game -does- come out. We -know- how KH works. Fantastic seeds of a real epic literary tale are glimpsed at in between the silly disney commercial, but nothing is actually developed in the game and everyone of any interest gets killed before any true cosmic metaphor is achieved. XD 13 years ago