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SailorGaia Since my sister, Dali-Lamb, finally decided to upload some of these, in typical sibling rivalry, I'm doing the same. :3

I'm the White Mage in this group. My cape is made entirely out of fleece and is warm like a giant blanket, which was perfect for the winter convention (Ohayocon 09) we debuted them at! I'm also wearing this 50's white mage dress I made for it our Masquerade skit, "Life After Final Fantasy." Nothing was complicated on this outfit; it was made in about two days, so that should tell you something (meaning it was a simple costume). What's funny is that while I appliqued the fleece triangles on the cape, it took me longer to heat 'n bond those 'effin triangles on the dress! Should have just done the nicer method. -_-; Hindsight is always wiser than I, of course...
  • Tiktock Oh, I saw you guys around Ohayocon. I always love seeing old school costumes. :D Great job! 14 years ago
  • miiol Oh man this is so wicked cool!! Your group is fantastic!! *___* Everyone looks perfect! 14 years ago