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School took priority so my ALA costumes were made in a short time, despite all the troubles, like leaving my wig at home(& finding one to borrow at the con) i really like how my costume turned out, now just to get some pictures of it lol

I had drafted my own skirt patterns, made my own purple trim for the edge of the skirt, jacket was made from a blazer pattern i heavily modified, so making it fit the way you see in pictures took some serious amount of work. Gold design was hand-drawn then hand cut out of vinyl then ironed to skirt. Made patches for me and windofthestars to use.
  • sanguito awesome mammon! 11 years ago
  • vikkisayso Wow this IS SO SO Cute~! *w* I luffles Mammon 12 years ago
  • _Chrno_ good *o* love love mammon *o* good job *-* 12 years ago
  • okageo o-o sexy!!! awesome cosplay! 12 years ago
  • Bunnjamin i love the detail! very good job! comment my gideon wyeth and prince of persia's! mlar latrix 12 years ago