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from costume Princess Aurora
Yossi I'm not sure yet whether I like this costume or not. I chose Aurora because I like her 60's-ish look, so I tried to recreate that look through my make-up: Lots of eyeliner, fake lashes, red lips... it looks kind of strange on me.
I also put some effort into the little twirl in her bangs and it came out great on Japan Day (where I debuted it) and rather shitty at the shoot we did a week later.
The blouse and the bodice are actually one piece. Bad, bad decision. It's way too short (making my waist miraculously disappear |||orz|||) and the sleeves are too tight. I like the skirt, though, but it's lenght is not very flattering. But, FOR ONCE, I'm really happy with my choice of fabrics.
  • Suzie Blue Your makeup is FABULOUS!! 11 years ago
  • Sleepsong You look beautiful! I really like the make-up~^^ 12 years ago
  • Tamagochi WoW!! 12 years ago
  • Ashers Beautiful! 12 years ago