First thing of note - this place is a bit empty at the moment. Only around 10% of the features are currently enabled. For now I want to make sure the three basic items - forum posts, costumes, and photo uploads, are working properly.

Important: If you are a returning user, and your post or upload is not showing, please hang on a bit. New users are put into a temporary mod queue like the old days, and some accounts may have been flagged as "new" if they were 100% blank. If I catch this I'll fix it for you at the same time.

Once I know everyone is able to do the basics, I'll start turning on other features (in no particular order), which are ready to go and include the following:

  • Multi-uploads (you can upload 10 images at a time)
  • Following Users
  • Liking others' content
  • Direct messaging system
  • Notifications
  • Additional user settings
  • New User Registrations
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Tagging system and tag following
  • Username changes within settings
  • New profiles ( cosplay.com/@username )
  • Lots of UI additions/changes
  • Costume privacy levels (Public, Members Only, Private)

I anticipate the majority of those features to be enabled over the next few weeks. If you run into any bugs, you can either email me at support AT cosplay, or post here in the thread.

The other threads in the announcements section have more details on how to use the new features, as well as what to expect next.

If you are only looking to delete your account, that functionality will be available in the updates as well, but if it's an emergency you can contact me at the support email and I'll take care of it for you.

Posted 3 weeks ago
I created new albums, deleted unclassified photos, uploaded new ones and it seems that everything is working well. I could also edit the profile.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Awesome, thanks!
Posted 3 weeks ago
BTW, what about the forums?
Posted 3 weeks ago
That's a really good question, actually - the short version is you're already viewing them. This is a forum post. But so is everything else....

The longer version (without getting too technical) is that all posts, whether they are text, image, or multi-image, are the same thing in the system. You can then post anything into a "channel" which is the same as a forum from before. If you view the New Text Post link (if you're on mobile, open the sidebar to see it) it has a dropdown with the channel choices in there, things like General Chat, or Wigs, or Photography. These are the same as the previous forum names.

This dropdown will also appear in the image uploader shortly. So not only can you post a Text post (previously a thread) into a channel (forum), you can now post images and other things into a channel. Once this occurs, there will be more advanced filters for the main feed, so you can choose to view everything from one category (e.g. Wigs and Hair), filter by only text, only photos, or show all, and even further choose to only show people you are following.

It'll be easier to explain once it's live but essentially the forums are now baked into the entire site.
Posted 3 weeks ago
I noticed that I have to keep signing into my account every few hours even though I click remember me on the sign-in page. I didn't have that problem before the update. Probably should check on that.

If the forums are baked into the entire site, then where will the marketplace be?
Posted 3 weeks ago
I noticed the logout issue as well, it seems to happen if you're inactive more than a few hours. I'm looking into it.

We are still working on the marketplace system so I don't have a specific answer to that yet unfortunately.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Update on the logout issue - I have a fix for it and will be pushing it live later tonight.

Update: Logins with "remember me" checked should be working properly now, if not please let me know.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Yup it kept me logged in this time :)
Posted 3 weeks ago
@Angelx624 thanks for verifying!
Posted 3 weeks ago
Love the new redesign!
Posted 2 weeks ago
How do you create new albums?
Also, how do you change your profile pics for your current cosplays?
Posted 2 weeks ago
@naruto_ramen_1 - for albums, please hang on til Monday, we have our first major update coming then and it will include some album features.

For the cosplay cover images, go to your Costume Dashboard, click on the individual costume, and on that page there should be a spot to upload a new image for the cover.
Posted 2 weeks ago
I want to change my Username altogether. How can I do that?
Posted 2 weeks ago
@Zman2005 the update coming on Monday will have a username changer in the settings.
Posted 2 weeks ago
When will notifications be available?
Posted 2 weeks ago
@Hikarichild - Messaging and Notifications will be released at the same time, but toward the end of the list above. Right now the plan is to have everything on that list live within 2-3 updates, with the first occurring on Monday. I'll be posting more tomorrow about what's coming in update #1, and might have a better ETA to give at that point.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Site's looking good! I appreciate all your hard work to bring us back online. One thing I'm struggling with though: I really miss having a traditional forum, where all the threads and posts are organized in one place and we can see the full "menu" (for lack of a better word) of threads at a glance. Maybe I'm just old, but I don't really come to post a lot of photos; I just like to talk, get advice, and learn new techniques. And maybe it's because not everything is up yet, but right now it seems clumsy to navigate with all of the photo uploads and posts being melded into one linear entity. Is a separate forum area something that could possibly happen in the future? I totally get it if that's not in the cards; I just wanted to put my thoughts out there ^_~.
Posted 2 weeks ago
@bad_luck - there is an update to the UI coming that will allow for turning on/off images and/or text posts, as well as showing a list of categories/channels like the old forums. It'll make more sense once it's live but as long as you have it set to only show text posts, it's similar enough to the old forum format.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Hello, Admin.

I am seeking to change the username of this account (( name request removed )) Could you please provide information on how that may be done?
Posted 2 weeks ago
@Genecks - there will be a username change option coming next week. Please wait a few days and it will be an option in your account.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Have you planned to add a search box to explore the photos? And will it be possible to create collections of our favourite photo?
By the way I like the new profile design and costumes list, very clear and well organized =)
However, I noticed viewing photo from the photo list is different than viewing them from a costume folder, is it normal?
Posted 2 weeks ago
@Hanoko Yes to both - we have a search engine preparing to be populated in the background, and you'll also be able to favorite/bookmark photos shortly. In addition to favoriting, we still have all of the old favorites saved, so if you had any from before they'll re-appear for you. For search, we're adding a hashtag system and also ingesting all of the character and series names. Part should be live on Monday with the next update, the rest during the week.

The photo issue is not working yet as intended, the viewer is a work in progress and will update shortly so that they both use the same view page. We're still figuring out the final layout for that but it's at the top of the list. The most important issue is wanting to have every entry flow to the next without having to keep hitting the back button, so that if you're looking at an image you can easily scroll to the next one. We're working on that right now.
Posted 2 weeks ago
ok nice!
Posted 2 weeks ago
No problems on my end, so far so good :). My only minor thing is that instead of being able to click on a thread I didn't notice the 'Read More' at first and took me a few seconds to take in the new forums layout but overall it's very clean, simple and organized :).

I was about to echo Luck's idea from before where we could sort by forum/photo/etc. threads but I did read that an upcoming update will elevate that.
Posted 1 week ago
Great to see the site has been updated. ^___^
I have a question... could you tell me the size of the profile pics? (I.e. 300 x 300 pixels) I don't like how they currently reflect my chest and hips instead of my face. Thank you for your help!
Posted 1 week ago
@chibi_sasuke_1 - that's a good point, let me see if I can get it to show like the previous format where it was anchoring from the top instead of the center. I'll also test out a few sizes to find the optimal ratio, but I'm pretty certain it's going to be best around a 3:2 or 2:1, so close to 800x500 or 1000x500. I'll make another post once I've finished - also we will be adding things like this to an FAQ section shortly.