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Princess_Zelda So here's a pic of us at Nintendo in Washington ^_^ WE SO HAPPY!

What was funny though was that there were people driving by and kept staring at us...pft, freaks! We wanted to go inside, but it was a Sunday and they were closed T_T next year tho, next year ^_^

And if Nintendo of America is reading this, don't worry, we DID NOT trample the flowers! We made sure they stayed pweety! ^_^

Princess Zelda- Myself
Link- PikminLink
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  • Kt_Fu lawlz I wonder why those wierdos were staring at you... XD seriously though you guys rock! Someday maybe ill get to meet you as well! ^^ 15 years ago
  • Perzephone haha nice! ^_^ I used to work at that building! I also noticed that you & Pikminlink were at E for All last year. I saw your pics in the NoA Newsletter emails. I was like hey I seen these 2 before ^_^! ROCK ON and I love the costumes! 15 years ago
  • megami_chan O_________O OMG! this picture its very!!!amazing! 16 years ago
  • Miss-Moonstruck Wow! Thats too cool. I went last...last? summer I believe (for my brother, he lives near there) and I got to go to the gift shop. ARG it was so awesome, and I was so exited the lady there gave my free Zelda stickers xD BTW, did you see that college that's next to NOA? DidiPen? Thats where my brother goes for college, so thats the only reason we got to go. So it was soooo fun D: YOU GUYS LOOK SO AWESOME! 16 years ago
  • silent hoofbeat Nintendo's finest video game characters came to life and stood outside the US building, eh? That's sure what it looks like; the costumes are AMAZING (as always) and the fact you're infront of a huge sign that officially says Nintendo makes this pic even better :P Great job!!! 16 years ago
  • visualspice omg that's awesome, you guys are amazing :D What state is this in anyways? 16 years ago
  • PacificPyro WAHH!!! why didnt u guys drop me a line!!?? we so0o cudda hung out and everything!!! man... u guys were happy to be there.. but sad when u got there that it was closed huh? 16 years ago
  • Alessa hahaha great photo XD 17 years ago
  • AnujSuper9 This picture is incredible! Gosh, I wish I could have been trample all of the flowers and kidnap you (and kill Link)! Bwahaha! :P 17 years ago
  • The Big Boss Nintendo should pay you for this awsome pic. Now I wanna visit NOA! 17 years ago
  • Princess_Zelda SaltySlippers: It was magical ^_^ 17 years ago
  • SaltySlippers That is the coolest of the cool. 0.0 I want to touch the sign! 17 years ago
  • ursumthinpretty What Misty said 17 years ago
  • The-Real-Link That's awesome. Just flat out awesome ^^. Wowies! 17 years ago
  • KnuxieChan You two are so lucky. XDD 17 years ago
  • Forcebewitya heh this reminds me of when I went to Skywalker ranch and stood out side the entrence....but all it said was the house number, still cool to me though heh. And you guys picture is much cooler because you actually have your cool costumes on very nice. 17 years ago
  • Princess_Zelda Zeruda-Chan: Don't forget Nintendo of Europe! But NCO is much more important. I SERIOUSLY want to go to Japan like no other! Just gotta keep on prayin' I tells ya! OoT Link: Yeah we were right next to the Microsoft buildings, but we ALL know how awesome Nintendo is, so we didn't even bothering looking at their disgusting direction XD 17 years ago
  • PikminLink Wiiiiiiiiiii! 17 years ago
  • neoangelwink omg u love it ^_^ 17 years ago
  • aznbassplayer ole for nintendo!! XDDD 17 years ago
  • Miss Tea *whistle* what hotties. what super hot hotties. i bet those fanboys were giving you catcalls. i know i would. :P 17 years ago
  • CelestialAurora *le gasp* You two are so lucky! *_* I want to go to Nintendo! 17 years ago
  • TwilightFairy You guys rock. Seriously. Your both so lucky too you got to go. i'm so jealous. Nintendo owns nearly all my soul. 17 years ago
  • OoTLink Freaky it looks kinda like Microsoft's sign (and I don't like them) buuut Nintendo is 100 times cooler because it's Nintendo! w00t! Shoulda done some funny poses XD Nice! 17 years ago
  • Zeruda-chan WOW! Look at that sign! xD Jk, you peoples' costumes continue to amaze me...and you got to go to NOA!! And I thought you'd done everything when you met Miyamoto! You lucky ducks! xD E3, NOA, now all you have to do is go to Japan's Nintendo Headquarters and you'll have been EVERYWHERE!!! Oh, and when you DO go there (and I do mean WHEN, it's only a matter of time xD) you better take some pictures! -Still- amazing costumes by the way ^^ I'll never begin to even comprehend how you managed those costumes....they're so pwetty *.* Those people were staring in AWE! Duh, xP I certainly wish I lived on the west coast, everything is over there >.>;; 17 years ago