~Arizu~'s image
~Arizu~ New outfit, yay!
Mh, well...I sewed it within one day in 10 hours.
It was nerves killiiiiing~ but I like the result and I hope I can take some better pics soon!^0^

photo: Yui
  • ~Arizu~ Thank you my dear!~~^//0//^~~ 16 years ago
  • Yukaoru I LOVE your hair! Aussenwelle suits you soooo much! *^* you look great in this outfit! *luv* 16 years ago
  • ~Arizu~ @ chibi-kun: thanks a lot ^^ @ shigai: Ahhh my homy you're making me so happy ;0;~<3 Thanks a looooooot, I wanna do some more yumehito, he's so cute T_T And the point that you say I'm a good yume makes me feel even more like doing it. Thank you thank you~~~ 16 years ago
  • Shigai I saw some pics of you with this outfit, you look so cuuuuuuute~~ I think you're a good Yumehito ^^ And the first Soroban cosplayer I've ever seen @@ 16 years ago
  • Chibi-kun gwah, I love it :D its so orange-y XDD 16 years ago