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~Arizu~ So well this is my MAO cosplay.
Worn at KöVit #7 , it's very chiller cos haha~
Hope ya like it ne~
And guess!
Who's the real one and who's the fake?=D
  • kiwi_lady awww ur so cuuute x333!! 16 years ago
  • ~Arizu~ @Yuka: Thanks hun~~~ <3 your comment made me feeling of waering it again by time...thank you ;w; @ tEn: I love doing such stuff with toi aussi TwT And never change how you are...just sometimes..>DDD @ Chibi:Dankeeeeeeeeeee ;w; *hug hug hug* @r reitakun: Yes Iknow T_T;;...the problem was/is that Ibleached them just one week before an couldnt dye them black again then Q_Q;; But thanks ne~ <3 @ tinki: thank you~<3 @ ray: thank you so much my dear~~~ *luv* @Jeeze: I know you loved me haha~ xDDD And I'm looking forward our SID cosplay ne...hopefully it'll work >w< And thank you as well of course TwwwT 16 years ago
  • Jeeze I loved you for beeing such a great MAO!!! *_____* you acted sooo cute and VOLL COOL! *hug* ^-^ 16 years ago
  • reita i love your cosplay.. you look so great*____* 16 years ago
  • tinkinchen cool. *o*~ 16 years ago
  • reitakun u need a black hair.. ^^ but awesome mao... ^^ luv it... 16 years ago
  • Chibi das bild is einfach sehr geil *-* *love* 16 years ago
  • tEnTen O luv you hun and I luv your mao and I luv cigarettes and camwhoring avec toi and I love pipikacka and i luv being as stupid as i am |D haha mao passt so gut zu dir ;-; 16 years ago
  • Yukaoru I so LOVE your Mao cosplay. It turned out so great and sometimes your behaviour was simply like his!! *-* You look so awesome in it. I hope you will wear it again smetime because you just looked great in it. 16 years ago