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nekopin trying out new costume~~i can't say is a super cosumte but feel very happy with it ~ my tailoring is level -0 ~^^////

p.s: ga !!! photo blur .....= =
  • nekopin >vivian_XuJing i like this version too ~~shoryuu look much better in dress ~some how i don't like him is formal dress~^^/// just not made to dress like a king XD i think that is what hanrin say ~ >Maple big hug ~thanks ~ i keep on my love for chinese costume ~big love ! and the way your hair frames your face<---ya ~ real hair is alway better than wig 17 years ago
  • Lodi Oh, Nekopin, you are always so beautiful and your work is so wonderful! I love all your costumes and photos! Keep up the amazing work, ok? *big hugs* :D I love the green, your elegant and thoughtful pose, and the way your hair frames your face. 17 years ago
  • vivian_XuJing I like this version!! =[]= 17 years ago
  • nekopin nyo~~ thanks minasan~ i try me best in costume making ~~>+ 18 years ago
  • Rinka It looks neat and tidy~~~ and the most important thing is it suits you well ^ 0 ^ 18 years ago
  • solano oh yeah! u finally posted it! not tat blur lar~~ still can see. *lol* 18 years ago
  • Imari-chan Very nice. I like the photo so cool~ 18 years ago