Evrdream's image
Evrdream Both Rynn and selphy_kitty have posted this pic, but I really love this shot, so forgive me as I post it a third time. Prismkitty is a fantastic photographer.

It was really cool that this randomly turned out to be a princess shoot. We were only missing a Mercury. Everyone was so awesome!

This picture makes me realize how short I am (and I'm wearing heels!).

Princess Serenity - ?
Princess Mars - Klabear143
Princess Jupiter - Rynn
Princess Venus - selphy_kitty
Princess "Small Lady" Serenity - s0nified
Princess Neptune - Dianabunny
Princess Uranus - Kaze_ga_byu_byu
Princess Pluto - Kiriki
Princess Saturn - Evrdream

Photo by Prismkitty at ACEN '06
  • erioru all of you are very nice princess ^^ 15 years ago
  • Lodi Whoa, it's the line of princesses! All of you look glam! Rynn is so cute with her large eyes and curls, too! But you, my dear Evrdream--you just sparkle in your regal radiance! You look awesome in violet! You make a very elegant Princess Saturn! 16 years ago
  • Avian_Firefly I LOVE your Princess dress!!!!! 16 years ago