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from costume Princess Kraehe / Rue
NiGHTmaren I've been saying forever and a day that I would cosplay Kraehe - now it's almost done. Just one week til AWA! Here's a teaser, the bottom of my tutu! 90 yards of hand-pleated ruffles on this bad boy, the seventh row is hooped. I am making her Odile costume, and making it just like an Odile costume would look in the real ballet. This is post-hand tacking all of the pleats, which is another reason why it's sticking together so well. All of the rows are hand-dagged for a feathery look. It's 13" in length at the widest, topmost row, customary for an Odile tutu. I'm actually standing behind holding this up but you can't even see me, it's got quite the circumference! A lot of work went into just this one piece, about two months total, but well-worth it! I should have photos of the completed costume in two weeks, maybe less. :) I will be updating the costume page with very specific construction details eventually, as well.
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