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from costume Chrono
Tenshi Musouka Jenna and Me, wearing Chrono and Rosette to DTAC 2008. I really had a good time wearing these costumes. Koi took an unbelievable photo of us! Unfortunately between all the pressure on my head, and the heat of the fur I ended up in pretty rough shape near the end of the con. I'm sure that eventually, we will be making classic Chrono and Rosette, but for now, we've got a lot of other things planned.
  • lolacolabunny HEY! I saw you guys! I actually took a picture of you two as well :D 13 years ago
  • nicki_013 wow that is so cool! Chrono is such an awesome character ^-^ I didn't even know you were going to DTAC :( It was so packed this year! You guys look great! 14 years ago