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Limeyaku I hated making this. Every piece was the most difficult time consuming piece. The coat was a jerk to line ( I can NOT line things for the life of me ) and I'm currently fighting with this wierd pucker in the back, the first pair of pants failed at dying purple properly so this was the second which we bought purple and then I spent about 12 hours to pinstriping them cause I couldn't find any and didn't want to fork out another 80 for an 'okay' pair off ebay, the vest is way lighter than i'd like it to be, the blazer is HORRIBLE...again with the's so improper and botched that the edges are all bubbly and ripply...( I'm just good at adjusting that ;) ) not to mention its about 2 sizes too big for my boyfriend, who's wearing it but I just couldn't be bothered to take it in.

This thing was as evil to make as the Joker himself. Though I do think if I had used a pattern for a single piece I could've knocked off at least 5-10 hours of

And with my ranting finished....HERE IT IS!! A nice little preview picture of my own to add to the swarms.

Gosh, I can't wait for Halloween...