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from costume Eternal Sailor Moon
Zan The first time I made this costume I did a pretty bad job- and I couldn't leave it like that so I remade it last fall.

It's kind of a combination of Anza and Marina's Eternal fukus... >_>
  • Regis Takishido Very perfect wanted to have a girlfriend so *________* 13 years ago
  • Seiya Cosplay You looks Like Anzamoon!... <3 i adore You Zan-chan n_n 13 years ago
  • Starlightslk So Cute! I love the pose and your fuku! Very adorable. ^_^b 14 years ago
  • Mary Plu Moon a lot of hearts for u! *--------------------* sooooooooooo perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 15 years ago
  • Cleire Perfect O_O!! 15 years ago
  • Princess_Moon beautifull!=3 15 years ago
  • WindoftheStars So pretty and adorable. Your Myu fukus are amazing! 15 years ago
  • malro I just want to say that you're the best Sailor Moon in the history of cosplay!!! ^^ 15 years ago
  • EndlessNights Perfect and shiny *_________* 15 years ago
  • Henkersbraut your cosplays are always so cool *____* 15 years ago
  • *Ivy* Lycra lurex!** I love this costume!^__^ 15 years ago
  • chibiplum EEEEE. So adorable! 15 years ago
  • Rush_Signals21 Oh My It Looks too Cute ^_^ 15 years ago
  • Korinchan So. Sparkly! o.O I love it! You did a great job~ It's rare to see that color yellow of a wig look good on anyone. ^^ 15 years ago
  • bobbarker31 Like a million bucks Zan! :D 15 years ago
  • miyu113 so cute :D 15 years ago
  • Shizuku totally impressive! So many details, better than the original one! So much Love ^.~ 15 years ago