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Nodoka New vest: DONE! ☠
Can I say that my Noct is finaly over?! Omen fuckin YES! 2015-2018 💪

I'm not good enough with words and english isn't my first language, but I want to express my thoughts about one special thing: I really really love Noctis 👑 I waited him for years, from the first trailer ever of FFversus. I litteraly fell in love with my prince at first sight, and of course I had the desire to cosplay him asap... but I wasn't skilled enough and because of that I waited a looot of years. I tried my first costest on 2015 and of course was a big failure as you can see. But my love for him was strong enough, and now I'm here! I tried to improve a lot of things in this years: bought 4 wigs [and styled it a million times...], tried 3 differents circle lenses, made and customed 2 vests, used 2 pairs of boots, 3 gloves, 3 T-shirts, 5 differents styles of buttons, a thousand studs as hell. Noctis owns a special place in my heart, and finally now I'm truly happy! The results of my hard work repay all my efforts, but I hope to improve even more since he is so important to me. I really want to be proud at 200% of this cosplay.. what a long journey!
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