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SelphieTilmitt I really luff my Aya costume, I wanna fix it up and make a wig for it. Score.

Photo by Al.
  • Angel Tifa I hope you'll wear this again to another convention ^.^. We've gotta get Aya Brea pics together (I've just finished revamping PE2 Aya Brea). 17 years ago
  • water_angel OMG~ Aya Brea!! I love the composition of this shot! You look great~ <3 Btw, thank you for your sweet comment! I wish you would have had the chance to say hello at AX, your cosplay is wonderful and you seem like a lovely person to get to know! 18 years ago
  • Firestar Cool. Haha, its fun to takes pixs like tht. 19 years ago