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evil_neko Yet again, Saki with her Christmas present. She owes me her soul, she just doesn't know it yet. Wahahaha.

But yes. My Venus from the cosplay group I'll be doing in like four years when everyone's hair has grown out >D. Heh, good to have a dream, ne? XD;
  • Gale haha! I need to start getting together a SM group for in four years when all our hair grows out too....lol...I sort of have a Rei from my would-be group in middle school...my Minako dyed her hair tho...and I never really had any other senshi x.x but...yah, that bow thing is beautiful @.@ 19 years ago
  • evil_neko Hehe, thanks Krishna! 19 years ago
  • Krishna ooohh prettiness!! 19 years ago