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Your_Rain Wah~!

So, quite obviously, the braid and the squiggly puffs are the accessory pieces. (can you tell it's my first time trying to make something of the sort? ^^;;)

I'm hyped because I tore apart one of my mother's old dress up wigs from Halloween to make it~! WAH~! And hurrah for low-budget cosplay. ;p
  • miaka2u ^_^ Uwa! That really doesn't look like a wig... it's gooooood. You have a lovely face too, if you don't mind me adding. 17 years ago
  • Dewy Thats a WIG? :O Wow you did an amazing job! It looks totally natural on you. I can't wait to see your Mitsuki-chan =^________^= 17 years ago
  • Brian Keljore You look sooo freaking cute in this picture. 17 years ago
  • Your_Rain I forgot about the dangly bits~! (ohhh, that can be taken out of context >:o ) Either way, thanks for reminding me~! *^.^* For her costume, I'm just gonna do her jammies, because I already have the fabric. ;p Yay extra Aeris fabric~! 17 years ago
  • Babyberry Oh, so cute! Do you have her little dangly bits in front of her ears? (They're a little longer than her bangs). You seriously look great! Which one of her costumes are you thinking about making? 17 years ago