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Yuanie A mini project of cosplaying Athena in her school uniforms, from the KOF series and her own RPG game. She's one of my favourite video game characters to cosplay too ^_^ ~!

Left to right : KOF94, 00-03, Awaking from Ordinary Life, 95-96 98-99.

Many thanks to eugin for being the photographer :)
  • Nency great 15 years ago
  • rish *becomes an Athena fan* all the uniforms = POWER!!! Really -RESPECT- for all the efforts!! XD *saluteth Yuanie* 18 years ago
  • Yuanie ah sankyuu minna...argghh... i forgot to add in maxi impact >_<! its like a school uniform too.... argghhh 18 years ago
  • jetspectacular lol yes!! someone finally put together all the Athena school uniforms!! What about the MaxImpact MorningMusume-ish one, is that next?? so cuuute!!! neesan!! *goes into Baochan mode* neesan don't leave me!! 18 years ago
  • Inuran Athena Ikimasu~~~ XD *Glomps* 18 years ago
  • Nevar Yea I finally saw you in that orange one! XD Adorable! 18 years ago
  • Michi That is so great! Haha, as an Athena fan this makes me so happy~~ Cute idea. 18 years ago