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Mira Twilight This was my second time meeting Scott McNeil, the voice actor for many roles including Piccolo from DBZ, Kouga from Inuyasha, Wolverine from X-Men Evolution, and many others. He came up to me trying to convince me that X-Men Evolution Rogue was better. :P hehe
  • DakRoland Your Rogue costume is awesome. My daughter and I have met Scott McNeil at Botcon 2001 and OTFCC 2004(official Transformers convention). He not only remembered my daughter and I, he even remembered her birthday and sang Happy Birthday to her in the voice of Dinobot from Beast Wars. Scott is absolutely the best example of someone who loves what he does, loves the people who enjoy his work, and is every bit as much of a fan as we are. 18 years ago
  • AppleJax awsome rogue!! 18 years ago
  • Faith *___* Rogue perfect!!! 18 years ago