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from costume Vash the Stampede
SketchCreations Getting flashbulb-mobbed.
  • Tenucha ANy better photographes?! Looks very impressive so far! 14 years ago
  • Lymond =_=;*shame* you put all other vashes to shame i just wish the pics had better lighting ^_^ i wish i looked that cool 16 years ago
  • Crimson Tears Badassssss ^_^b awesome job 16 years ago
  • l o l i t a comment xD 16 years ago
  • BasharOfTheAges Well with all your newfound fame (at least at AB) you must take up the fight for the podium once again! Are you up to it? Anyways, figured i'd look in here to see the best pics of your costume... and hope to hell i can be as lucky as you with my first cosplay. :) 16 years ago
  • Albert Wesker You know, a erson can only get so many good comments about their costume that it ends up getting old...but i'll try anyway! Your costume is absolutely's very, very intricate and suavĂ©. You have a keen eye for detail. one of the few costumes I find 'awe-inspiring' Very much Kudos to you, bud...Kudos indeed. (Hey, are you ever going to attend the Boston anime convention again? I'd like to see that masterpiece in person!) 17 years ago
  • The Xenos Man, I wish we had thought to take a break and go take some photos around Boston. We should have found some good backgrounds and had you do some poses. Well always next time. I still gotta do that with my costume instead of taking pics alll exhausted at the end of the day. Also need to fix up some of it. (Don't worry, the part you made is still holding together well.) 17 years ago
  • Hyena Best. Vash. EVAR. You bear a resemblance facially, even *motions to the other photos*. Trigun Maximum all the way. ^_^ PS - Nice gun! 17 years ago
  • Sabbath Angel And why shouldn't they want photos that's a great Vash! 17 years ago