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nekopin very kawaii Rokuta and ......^^bb

i think..they will kill me ~ ( if they see this~XDD)

  • nekopin >mOOn 犯罪XDDD沒錯XDD淒涼是拿來推倒的~尤其是蜜桃起來~wahahahahahaha~sam 實在太帥了XD干吧﹗ >Quinn high 5 to Twelve Kingdoms XDDD is love XDD 17 years ago
  • Quinn Enki!!!! OMG you so rock!!! The Twelve Kingdoms is absolutely one my all time favories of anime And Enki is one my favorite characters and my goodness you seriously do him justice.Thank you for such a great cosplay.You so ROCK!!! 18 years ago
  • mOOn wahahah~~~~~XDDDDDDDD ~fan zhuo~ 18 years ago
  • nekopin snowykiss nei~maybe we can be good friend XD since we alway almost killed by some one ~XD 18 years ago
  • snowykiss just like Keiki almost killed me for a couple of times when I out of the blue post her photos. ^^;; 18 years ago