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from costume Dizzy
Yuanie Presenting my 3 Dizzy cosplay ^^! A simple Cg work to put 3 together :). Been a fan of Dizzy ever since I hooked onto Guilty GearX. My best character too..lol.. trained by my boyfriend >=D

Left --> GGX
Middle --> Default costume
Right --> GGXX - GG Isuka

Guilty Gear Rocks XD XD XD ~!~
  • DizzyConscience Kawaii Dizzy! ^__^ 18 years ago
  • rish Yuanie do Dizzy so pretty~!! Blue hair rocks, aight?! XD Uaah, next time must ask u teach me how to make wings!!! Yours looks so intricately done!! (^-^)/ 18 years ago
  • lainey i think it's adorable that your bf cosplayed ky :D you make such a wonderful dizzy!!!! 18 years ago
  • DarkIceLady Yay! Yuanie, u are great =) *** 18 years ago
  • Rikkucrazygirl Thats so awesome! X3 Good job! 18 years ago
  • Evali Totally love it. 18 years ago
  • *Sugar* Awww, you make such a lovely Dizzy! ^^ all three of the costumes look great on you, and it's a very pretty CG ^^ Good work! . .. a-and Yay for Guilty Gear X3 ~woo! 18 years ago
  • Catpaw Wonderful Dizzy Yuanie! :33 *Cheers on* ^^" 18 years ago