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Cyan Bloodbane A new SNake in the Gras photo. Can't see too much of me, but Heck, better than nothing.
  • akira_chan More like if you're an airsoft enthusiast in california you're screwed. Thankfully for some of the metal and higher end airsoft guns, the blaze orange paint can be taken off. 18 years ago
  • Cyan Bloodbane Lol, blame it on California Gun laws. They should put up a warning sign: "Note to all Secret Agents Entering State: U-R F***ked!" 18 years ago
  • akira_chan too bad the blaze orange tip gives you away...nice shot though 18 years ago
  • Odysseanpromise Camo Index: 95% 18 years ago
  • ska beam AWesome!!! I couldn't see you on the thumpnail ^-^ Awesome Picture dude!! 18 years ago