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evil_neko Heh, changed my costume plan... instead of Ayaya's commercial outfit from the Momoiro Kataomoi video, I'm doing her factory outfit from the same video ^.^; So? Can I pull it off? :D

EDIT: Oh wow, I loove creepy XD
  • evil_neko Thank you both! :D 18 years ago
  • Lodi Ah, you're one of those versatile people who can look cute, gorgeous, sexy, innocent, or whatever---a valuable gift to have as a cosplayer! I applaud your work and I hope you continue with your awesome cosplays! 18 years ago
  • Chino-San Awh you look soo cute! 19 years ago
  • evil_neko XD No, never read the books ^_^:;; Saw those horrible movies they did, though XDD 19 years ago
  • Flowery Reminds me of PIPPI LONGSTOCKING! =O Ever read those books? 19 years ago
  • evil_neko Hehe, thanks! :D 19 years ago
  • kaliko_rosa What a radical picture!! XD. I like it! It almost seems like an anti-gravity thing, look at those pigtails fly! ^____^ Cute! :D 19 years ago