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Your_Rain Lady from Devil May Cry 3. LEon's gonna be Dante. It's gonna be in April. So far out of the two costumes all that I have down is Lady's hair and shirt. @[email protected] It's gonna be a loooong ride~! ^^;;
  • Lady Sephiroth Aw, that is so cool, you really got her hair down! 18 years ago
  • CrimsonMayu -does Paris Hilton impression- That's hot. XD 18 years ago
  • Winters Knight EE!! So cool! I haven't played any of these games but I've seen pictures, I think you're doing a great job. As for scarring, light brown mixed with white would probably do well. you can get White eyeliner at Wallmart I'm sure.. I have some.. come borrow it! 18 years ago
  • Your_Rain Yeah I know... I just grabbed my eyeliner and was like "PAH~~" (I think it talks about the suckage in the next piccy discript.) Thanks for the pointers, tho. :p I suck with makeup because I tend not to like it XD And yay for other Lady cosplayers~! ^^ 18 years ago
  • Selphie_fairy the line on your nose is too dark. I suggest getting fine brown eyeliner to make it look more scar like ^^ *is going to do Lady as well* 18 years ago