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XenoGirl Whew! I finally finished KOS MOS 2.0!! Hope it's worthy enough to ride Lionel's amazing hoverbike at AX!! ^-^
  • Kirschwasser You're wearing this to AX this year!? Oh my God, when? I am one of the biggest Xenosaga fans (I've cosplayed Kirschwasser before, at AX03). I must hug you for pulling this costume off. I didn't believe anybody would. *Hugs* I hope to see you at AX this year! XD 19 years ago
  • Evali When I first saw Ep.2 I thought "Man, KOSMOS is going to be a nightmare for some poor cosplayers!" I bet you had a hard time figuring out some of the details, but it came out really nice. And if you get to ride the hoverbike, I can't wait to see the pictures! That thing is amazing... 19 years ago
  • SelphieTilmitt KOS-MOS! That rocks so much! :D 19 years ago
  • ssmitty OMG! You look fabulous! *dies* I hope you'll be wearing it to SAK! The wig is great, too. I want to go to AX just to see you with Bike-chan. \*.*/ 19 years ago
  • Eurobeat King Looks great! I loved your ep.1 KOS-MOS, and can't wait to see ep.2 KM in person! Will I see you at Sakuracon again or just at AX? ^_^ 19 years ago
  • LionBoogy yay!!! That's definitely so cool! Yeah, I got you covered for the Bike-chan! :) My friend Wayne who's guarding the bike has you on The List. :) 19 years ago
  • Elsch Wow~ this looks awesome~ all the details. Nice work! I really love your wig. ^^ 19 years ago
  • Eibii Wow, that's a great KOS-MOS 2.0 - congratulations on finishing it. 19 years ago
  • Eleryth Looks really well detailed! Good work! I love the wig, and you cut the bangs/side fringes really nicely. ^^ The contrasting textures and colors make this outfit have a really neat effect. 19 years ago