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Your_Rain I know the piccy is out of game context... but still~! hurray~!

And the numbers are wrong... some fangirl I am. ;_; Feed me bitter pills and call me Little Dicky Braintree. XD
  • Star_Angel Oooo, You look so cool!! 17 years ago
  • Alessa REALLY?! >.< Oh... But it looks very cool! Your Eileen cosplay is wonderful! ^____^ 18 years ago
  • Your_Rain Bed Head lipstick... and it's still on my back ;_; 18 years ago
  • Alessa It looks very cool! What did you use to write the numbers on your back? 18 years ago
  • Your_Rain We missed you sooo much~! ;_; Dang... We woulda' rAwkEd there XD 18 years ago
  • Winters Knight *keeps* I misses you sooooo much! You are such a preeety Eileen!!! I wish I could have come to Acen with you *hugs* 18 years ago