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Episode 0
  • Mi-chan4 Arrrr~ *hawt guy* Now I´m a Reno Fan!! 17 years ago
  • Outlaw_Yuna awsome!!!! Reno is the best FF7 character EVER XP! you look like him alot o.o 17 years ago
  • Lunar Dragon Wow! O_O!!!! Reno. If your hair was just a little bit longer, I'd say that you look just like the FF VII Advent Children Reno! Reno is my favorite turk, he's so bad ass! 18 years ago
  • AnimefestChii you make an awesome reno! it rocks! XD 19 years ago
  • Forsythia Coool! You make a really good Reno. You've got the look down! 19 years ago
  • rinny :O That photo reminds me of a huge ff7 fanfic called I know what's beneath the snow fields... You're a great reno 19 years ago