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from costume Ryuu
LordDraco3 The sword base I used was this: http://www.kultofathena.com/product.asp?item=E504PP&name=Medieval / Fantasy Training Sword

This sword feels awesome, and I won't ever have to worry about it breaking! I filled in the center groove with polyurethane to get rid of the flame pattern, primed, painted (sprayed gold and then antique gold brushed on) and sealed with more polyurethane. The little extra part in front of the cross guard was made out of foam and electrical tape.

I melted off the diamonds from the cross guard with a heat tool and made a hole there so I could secure the guard with some tiny screws. Blue gems were glued on over that hole.

The pommel needed some very large blue gems, so I had to cut out some big holes for them, which was quite a task and involved a lot of melting plastic.

Grip is wrapped in tennis tape.
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