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nekopin third photoshoot as Abe no Seimei~^^// (love the guy XD) my brother/xengk phototaking kills~all Onmyoji's photo take at same locality and each time he give a different feel into it ~and he alway say i look very very evil in this costume ^^/// ( yo~what are u saying ~i'm evil XD )

hate the shadow on my face ...some how make the face very very flat ...-_-///


  • nekopin i love character shots with flutes tooo ~XD very beatiful ~~ 17 years ago
  • ImMoRtAl MuFfIn beatiful photo *-* , i dunno why but i love character shots with flutes 17 years ago
  • nekopin 更夜~!!!!!那個是美少年~美少年丫~~~~~~~~~~~~~~555555555 17 years ago
  • mOOn 噢噢~~ 贊﹗﹗ 讓我想起了更夜~~ 飄﹗﹗ 17 years ago
  • nekopin >Ki-Chan OMG evil XDD thanks for visiting ~ pin is evil ~@-->-- >Jac'Kee yo~yap~ u get it XD ~jin kak =evil ojisan <--that is alway my word (die) i love the composition~ very artbook ~^^ 17 years ago
  • Jac'Kee Sugoi @o@ I like the elegant feel and the colours of the objects in the picture @o@ I think you look very jin kak somehow Pin XD But cool all the same^^ 17 years ago
  • Ki-Chan PINNYYY JOO always look awesome in pics :DDDDD Ki likes OMG Evillll 17 years ago
  • nekopin >Tachibana_Miyu yap~~xengk is good in concept it came to phototaking ~=+= too bad is not alway back at hometown TXT >Astellecia 妖怪一只啦~^^/////這張怎麼康都很大叔就是~苦笑 17 years ago
  • Astellecia BISHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! 17 years ago
  • LennethXVII i like the concept of this photo! a really great shot 17 years ago
  • nekopin >mercure ah~~thanks for visiting (hug) >dandelionswish elegant just not my ^^/// >Kazeki wait till i finish ajdusting all d pic ~got some that is more evil looking ~~ga~~evil pin >Shiva ya ~xengk did wonderful job on Photograph ~ alway want a shot like this since i start cosplaying Seimei~ >ChocoLime and u look cute ~ i also say it many times~@->--- >solano 什麼跟什麼丫~寒下~是妖孽吧~陰陽師那種和風照都是這樣子的吧~我是狐貍大叔~頭上頂着葉子會變身的(那個好像是禮帽耶。。。)喝茶 17 years ago
  • solano 女人了! *奸笑* 17 years ago
  • ChocoLime You look gorgeous (i say too many times already ><) 17 years ago
  • *Shiva* Beautiful shot! 17 years ago
  • Kazeki evil pin! XD 17 years ago
  • dandelionswish very elegant 17 years ago
  • mercure beautiful picture^^ 17 years ago