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from costume Luneth
kaika Luneth: Kaika
Arc: Cvy
Photo: Ying

Very uncreative title, I apologize =_=;; Photo taken during last Cosfest ^_^Also the first time Cvy and I did FF3 and it was amazingly HOT! In the "OMFGI'MSweatinglikeapig" sorta way because sunny Singapore is Sunny!

The above pic has not been touched up AT ALL! The sun made the colours turn out sooo vibrant that day=) Love how my makeup turned out=)
  • AliceLocket I really like this one! 13 years ago
  • TacticsCosplay xD!!!! O_O !!!your cosplay is very good!!!, enchants everything to me of Final Fantasy 3 DS xD! I also me hare that cosplay n_n 14 years ago